Poster BergeseL’Association des Propriétaires &

Amateurs d’avions GARDAN

The goal

The association‘s goal is to strengthen ties between the Gardan Aircrafts owners/pilots and  to exchange practical information and help them to keep these aircraft in flying condition.

Each year since 1988, a meeting is organized on a different airfield in France, allowing the participants to discover a different region and meet other Gardan Aircraft enthousiasts !


The board

      Thierry ROYER  envelope_32px
š+33 6 86 55 99 43

Bureau MarcTreasurer
    Marc FRAYSSE    envelope_32px

Bureau ClémentInformation
Clément VITRY envelope_32px
Bureau CathieSecretary
Cathie DAVERDISSE    envelope_32px
Bureau ThierryRegulations / Webmaster
 Thierry LE FLOCH    envelope_32px