The APAG Association held its annual meeting on the weekend of June 18 and 19, 2016 at Biscarosse.

Despite a very turbulent weather, particularly in the south west quarter of France, up to 37 people (and friends) have traveled, especially by air Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, including 16 from the Paris region, 2 from of Vendée, 3 from the PACA region, 1 from St Etienne, 2 from Switzerland, 3 from Netherland, 1 from Austria…. and others from Aquitaine .

It should be remembered the 14 GY80 parked on the tarmac, the convivial moments (dinner and lunch, the seaplane museum, the climb the Dune of Pyla, seaplane flights for some of us). Many exchanges about maintenance issues of our old aircrafts that APAG helps us to solve, including the points described in the last newsletter #51 recently released.

You can see the minutes of the AGM on this page.

The photo report by Marc, Clement, both Thierry, Gregoire and Xavier can also be viewed on this page.


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